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My Theater Build

It took me 18 months to complete my basement build.  Not all of that time was spent on the theater.  My wife gave me the go ahead with the theater, but with some stipulations.  First, I had to finish the

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DirecTV Serial/USB channel changing for DVBLink for HD-PVR

Many people have trouble setting up serial/usb channel changing using DVBLink, DirecTV and Windows 7.  I am going to show you the software, hardware and steps I used to get channel changing that is 99% accurate (sometimes it misses the NFL Sunday

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Windows 7 MCE + DVBLink for HDPVR = HD Happiness

 + Here are the steps I used to obtain DirecTV HD using Windows 7 MCE, but you should be able to use any Set Top Box.  The Hauppauge HDPVR will record from your set top box to an h.264 wtv

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Welcome to the Woody Family Cinema

This is where I will be posting articles, pictures, reviews, and news about Home Theater & Technology that I use in our family theater.

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