Custom Intros & Projects

None of the projects below were created by me, I am just hosting them in one place for ease of use.

Blender Tutorial

Walt_Disney_3D_(Final).zip Disney AVS Thread Touchstone AVS Thread UniversalFeaturePresentation AVS Thread Fox-Cinema AVS Thread clapboard
Walt Disney 2D Disney Final AVS Thread
Lion’s Gate Lion'sGate AVS Thread
Eubanks eubanks AVS Thread
Newest Disney Intro Screen Shot
coming soon
Studio AE Projects Screen Shot
coming soon
Lionsgate 1080P Project
by Magius
Screen Shot
coming soon
Star Wars Crawl Screen Shot
coming soon

AVS Thread
Warner Brothers Screen Shot
coming soon

AVS Thread
Latest Disney 3D AVS Thread
124 comments on “Custom Intros & Projects
  1. Angie says:

    No, None of Them has made pixar template!

  2. Daniel says:

    Can you make some intros i all saw on youtube like the paramount logo?

  3. Rulyn says:

    The truth that whoever believes this post and upload all these intros to edit is a mad genius who deserves more than applause … that cost me my time finding the intros for blender … but I still have the Pixar! ! if anyone has it or knows where to find such action would greatly appreciate. Thanks for this contribution! my address is, if anyone has what I’m looking for! Good Luck and activity …

  4. tomjhons says:

    i need dream works in blender

  5. Xenomorph says:

    Um, some of these custom movie intros don’t contain blender files


  6. Casper says:

    I’m looking for the paramount template. Would you happen to have anything? I saw others asking for it too…

  7. Duncan says:

    Sure. Why Not? I’ve Already made All of those.

  8. Defecado says:

    i just wanna thank u 4 de share…they’re al really pretty fuckin’ cool…
    greetings from mexico

  9. Michi says:

    Pleas make the pixar Intro.

    Thank yoi befor

  10. HAllopiet says:

    I have made the fox intro. My computer took 16 hours to write language to render. but I pay for them. (sorry I am a Dutchman, so I do not speak good English)

  11. jonel says:

    yah thats true some movie intros dont contain blender files …. CAN YOU HELP PLSSSSSSSSSS……

  12. Fahad Hassan says:

    When will the others come

  13. DONCE says:

    Pleas HELP.How can i put text on clapboard intro?

  14. Jackie Chan says:

    Can you do a customized Blender intro for Pixar Studios

  15. cheeseisnice says:

    I hav a PIXAR BLENDER FILE… it doesnt work exactly like it, The lamp rather than bouncing it goes right to the start of the tetx then seems to “trip over” but is great… I recall on the AVS forum that MAGIUS had a Pixar “unfinished” template… if someone would like to go thru all his posts again download it and email it to Mr Woody it wuld be great

    If you need the file, EMAIL: :) happy rendering!

  16. unknownittos says:

    please {Eubanks DVDs DreamWorks} thez link doesn’t work ,can you remake or share it on a website or file-sharing website like rapidshare or Mega upload or girlshare or megaporn

  17. Polo says:

    There seems to be no openable blender file with the new Disney 3D intro. Is that using a program other than Blender?

  18. Ihazcheese says:

    I hav Pixar Template, you can edit text but i advise only rendering to frame 159 you will see why. It is custom made to say CHRISTIAN who is the author and I would delete the “C”

    also it acts “differently” but until i find MAGIUS unfinished one in the AVS forum this shuld hav to do.

    email me;

    thanx and later ;)

  19. rob says:

    nice 1 for these templates mate much apreciated let me know when you upload any others

  20. ribbit says:

    hah i got lost at universal tutorial!

  21. Tatiane Matsumoto says:

    Oi gostaria de saber se vc poderia colocar ultimas 3D da disney em formato .blend , pq esse formato não to conseguindo abrir

  22. jasam says:

    NIce work ,,,keep it up ,,it il very useful for my video editing

  23. Wtb1601 says:

    How the heck am I supposed to Type in from BlahBlahBlah, to Something Else!!!!! LOL

  24. Alban says:

    I only have blender, but it rocks !!! Thx a lot !

  25. sam says:

    Can you make 20th century fox Avatar

  26. I Hope You can customize a Blender intro for Warner Bros. Pictures or
    even Columbia Pictures OR MGM Pictures Or even MORE Film Logos.

  27. Would you make a Customized Blender introduction of Paramount Studios or
    Dimension Films.(lol)

  28. xzavyer says:

    there is a customized intro for Pixar Animation Studios,its at it is free

  29. Can you do a customized Blender intro for Paramount Picture

  30. Blackie11399 says:

    Please do more Blender Intros !!!

  31. madfist says:

    there is a way of doing youre own pixar studios intro just go to vipid and sign in with facebook or sign up

  32. Spacie says:


    Hi would you be able to send me the Pixar blend file.

    Or maybe someone else has it. Please mail me.


  33. Nicolai Eriksen says:

    CAn you please tell me how to do the clapperboard thing, when I open it, the template is just empty with no text etc.

  34. You have to add text in blender. I also added a digital timer thing, i’m putting it on my youtube channel later

  35. light says:

    hi can you plz help me i don’t know how to make a logo with lionsgate logo plz email me thanks

  36. VinPeStudios says:

    I have a website with movies (with custom intros of this page) and would like to set up advertising there, so I ask if I can use the custom intros commercially? Please mail me!


  37. chuck1233emma says:

    theres a site that has a paramount pictures logo in blender its called

  38. AMR says:


  39. NairKey says:

    I’m German, but I will try it :)
    In blender push TAB and then write your text.

  40. jonathan says:

    how do i get the walt disney tamplate on blender cause i dont know how to do it

  41. Eduardo says:

    Thanks for all those introductions helped me a lot, and if you could post the introduction of Pixar (the one with the flashlight), would be cool.

  42. Medalluigi says:

    can you help me
    when i open the fox template the lights go crazy
    how can we fix that?

  43. Medalluigi says:

    there already is a warner bros logo for blender
    just download icelucarios blender movie logos 2 and its there

  44. Medalluigi says:

    You know Lucas is right.
    If you did’nt test the files, how will you know they work?
    For example, I downloaded the Fox file and the lights jut go crazy.
    Should’nt you fix that?
    Anyway thanx :D


  45. Troy Bottoroff says:

    I dunno… some day… any day…

  46. Troy Bottoroff says:

    Do this logo:
    old 20th century fox (Not 1994-2011, the slanted 0 one)

  47. Troy Bottoroff says:

    Also do:
    dreamworks skg or miramax films

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